Prayer Petitions

Would you like us to pray for your special intention? Tell us what it is and we would be honored to include it in our daily prayers. Just tell us your special intention(s) below. They will be included in the prayers and Masses of The Servants of Mary here and around the world.

If you want others to join in your prayers, indicate that your prayer can be posted on this page. Otherwise, we will keep your prayer among the Servite Fathers and Brothers only

6/23/2017 12:00 AM
asking prayers for reconciliation and positive conversation. and restoration between michael and I and the honor of a blessed marriage and lots of catholic babies. A Hannah miracle is what I need.

6/23/2017 12:00 AM
Hi, all people of God please pray for my mom. She is suffering from sickness and other pain spiritually and physically. I know God will listen to all of your prayers and he will completely set my free and heal her, in Jesus Christ Name. Thank you.

6/22/2017 10:00 PM
Please pray for my son and his fiancé to decide to come back to the Catholic Church and be married in it instead of a destination wedding that we won't attend. Thank you

6/22/2017 7:00 PM
please pray for my sister Charissa, she found a lump on her left breast and has a pain, also she said that her right breast is starting to have pain.  Please St Peregrine heal my sister, for she is now the only bread winner in my family for I have been out job for 1.7 years now. thank you 

6/22/2017 1:00 PM
Please pray for my dad he's in surgery now and I pray the results come back negative with no cancer

6/22/2017 12:00 PM
My name is Francis and living in Toronto. Our second son Dominic born prematurely on Divine Mercy Sunday and in NICU He is doing well by the grace of God. Please pray that he to be a healthy god fearing baby and to discharge him. I have lost my job on last January. Please pray for me to get a good job as only I am working. Pray for my wife Health after surgery and for my elder son Ephrem who is 21 month now. Ave Maria.

6/22/2017 6:00 AM
Please pray for my friend's husband, Dwight, to be healed of cancer and for strength and courage for my friend to endure the challenges that have before them. Thank you, St. Peregrine, for praying to God for my son's miraculous healing of testicular cancer. He is cancer free because you carried our prayers to God. Thank you, St. Peregrine. Thank you, Jesus. Thank you God.  

6/22/2017 4:00 AM
For my 12-year old son, Matthew, who was diagnosed with glioblastoma multiforme (brain cancer). He just finished his radiation/chemo therapy and we are praying very hard for good results when he gets his MRI in a month (mid-July 2017). We also pray that he continues to show no symptoms, remain strong and stay feeling normal.

6/21/2017 7:00 PM
Please pray for my friend Connie who was recently diagnosed with cancer. In March she went in for a blood clot in her leg and they discovered tumors in her female organs that were cancerous.She underwent a hysterectomy and then they discovered the cancer had spread to her lungs and brain.The tumors have returned to her abdominal area and doctors said they cannot help her anymore so they sent her home for home hospice. Her 21 year old daughter and husband as well as other family and friends are distraught. What Connie needs is nothing short of a miracle. Please pray that God may grant a full recovery. his I ask in Jesus name who lives and reigns one God forever and ever Amen.

6/21/2017 4:00 PM
st. peregrine, please pray for us to the heavenly Father for healing of pancreatic cancer for my nephew , healing for my daughters spine, healing for my sinus sinus and healing for my son arthritis in his legs...

6/21/2017 1:00 PM
Please say a prayer for a safe trip to Cuba for my husband and I Thank you God Bless You  

6/20/2017 8:00 AM
For my daughter Jennifer, her friend Joe and for my friend Chris.

6/19/2017 1:00 PM
For the health and healing of my husband's prostate cancer, that his PSA level will miraculously return to normal,for the continued health and healing of my granddaughter's remission from leukemia,for the health and healing of my 3 nieces from breast cancer, liver cancer, and ovarian cancer, for the health and healing of my daughter's paralyzed cheek, for the health and healing of Selma's breast cancer, that her surgery will be as soon as possible, for the healing of my brother in law's health problems, and for the eternal rest of all my departed family and friends, especially parents, grandparents, twin sons, brothers, Rowen, David, and Luis. 

6/18/2017 12:00 PM
Please pray for my father, Manolito, for healing from Lymphoma and Leukemia. Please also pray for financial blessing for my family so that we could afford to pay for his treatment.

6/18/2017 8:00 AM
Please heal my brother Tony H of his cancer and let him live to spend happy times with his family

6/17/2017 7:00 AM
St Peregrine please pray for us. Heavenly Father thank you for all the blessings. Have mercy on us. Please grant me complete healing from breast cancer and take away all the cancer cells in body. Spare me from secondary cancer and radiation. Please heal my surgery wounds my scar tissue my frozen shoulder my body pains and heal and vanish my lumps. Grant me clear tests and strong immune system. Bless my family keep them safe and healthy. Please heal my father and my mother. In Jesus name. Amen. 

6/16/2017 2:00 PM
Please pray for my brother Chris that the mass in his neck is not cancerous.

6/15/2017 8:00 AM
I ask for healing of cancer for my sister Cheryl and my Deacon Don

6/13/2017 12:00 PM
Prayers of healing for Calder W

6/12/2017 8:00 PM
Please pray for my.moms caregivers for better care giving in her medical health. Also for Steve F fighting cancer and it's side effects.Jim O fighting inoperable liver and rectal cancer.For family peace. For my peace of mind. 

6/11/2017 4:00 PM
Please ask God for a miracle for my brother, Bill who has an abdominal aneurysm and my sister who also has health worries, and for the conversion of my family.  

6/11/2017 8:00 AM
For the full and permanent healing of an 8 years old lesion on the exterior of my left nostril, which may be cancerous but has never been diagnosed to determine its nature. I continue to pray but it keeps getting worse.  I do not know what else to do to help the condition and myself.  I am scared and alone.

6/10/2017 8:00 AM
Please pray for Sergio who's cancer seems to coming back is taking treatments and he is very weak.And for Sam and Derreck to solve their problems. Thanks God Bless you 

6/9/2017 4:00 PM
Mom L
St. Peregrine please intercede to our Lord Jesus Christ that He heal and cure Dad L of prostate cancer along with his anxiety, pain, and any deadly disease. Also that I continue to stay cancer free and if possible heal daughter and I of our disabilities. 

6/9/2017 12:00 PM
St Peregrine please keep my father in your prayers he was diagnosed with lung cancer this week.  It has spread to some of his lymph nodes in the spine and lungs.  Please help him heal.

6/9/2017 3:00 AM
Our Lady, Mother of God pray for us. Amen. Please pray for Derek for 9 years please. he is in prison. IHS. INRI. Amen

6/8/2017 3:00 PM
Please say a Prayer for the  Dearly Departed Soul of my Godmother, Christine of Buffalo, New York who has passed away. 

6/8/2017 8:00 AM
 Healing for Ty

6/7/2017 3:00 PM
Please pray Kathie, a friend of our family, who has been diagnosed with Stage 3 cancer in her lung. Please pray that all her treatments help her fully recover. Protect her and give her strength at this time.

6/6/2017 12:00 PM
hoping that my and my husband back to work will not be to hard. Hoping especially Flavia and all the desk girl to be good and I require a special intention prayer for what is in my hart. Thanks. God Bless you. Please Fr. Rookey, keep bless us from heaven. I love you. I'd like to say thanks for all people who prayed for me and my husband.We had a wonderful trip and I will keep praying for all the people in need. Thank you much. 

6/6/2017 6:00 AM
Please keep my son, Brandon in your prayers and under your guidance. He has melanoma and is having surgery today.

6/5/2017 9:00 PM
Saint Peregrine, Please heal me. I am a breast cancer patient. I was operated last june 2, and thanks God it turned out a success. I am now on my 3rd day of recovering. Please help me pray for my immediate healing and please grant me another good results on saturday for my follow up check up. I am praying for a light medication for my chemo incase i have to. Hope to have an oral medication instead of injection. Miracles happen everyday! I trust in the Lord and saint Peregrine. Pls pray for me. In Jesus name, Amen

6/5/2017 9:00 AM
For the healing of my father Manolito from Lymphoma.

6/5/2017 8:00 AM
Please pray for Shelly E as she has been diagnosed with a brain tumor.

6/5/2017 12:00 AM
Please pray that David has a clear scan on Friday that shows he is still cancer-free. Please pray that he stays in remission and his cancer never comes back.

6/4/2017 6:00 PM
In the Name of Jesus, Code Blue Emergency Prayer Request needed immediately for my Godmother, Christine of Buffalo, New York who has been moved from the hospital to hospice and the family has been told that there is nothing more they can do. She is having pain and all bodily systems are not doing well. The family is having a bedside vigil. Pray for a glimmer of hope and that a Healing Priest is sent to her quickly for a miraculous healing very soon!

6/4/2017 6:00 PM
Glory and Praise to our most Holy Trinity Thank You all Of Heaven for all Blessings received all ways and always Please pray for help for our whole world I offer all Holy Masses all Holy Communions all Good and all Love offered all ways and always Please help for my family and friends we have great troubles and need discernment and generosity and love and patience and cooperation and love and patience Mary our dear Mother please pray for us to open our hearts to the Holy Spirit Thank you and may God Bless you all ways and always Yours in Christ through Mary with a smile

6/3/2017 12:00 PM
For restoring the power of eye sight as the retina is weak.

6/2/2017 9:00 AM
Please pray for my daughters, Nikki and Adria. Bring them both back to church and to their faith. Let them know the beauty of prayer. Bless them with success in their careers, their health, and with their relationships. Please bring good people into their lives. I don't feel like they in a relationship that is healthy, holy, or moving them in positive direction. Only a miracle could alter the route they seem to be on. I pray for that miracle. I think about it often. Bless Adria, that she may become more confident and bring other confident people into her life. Please motivate her to work on her art. Please shine upon her. She has had so many setbacks. Any r loving name I pray. Amen.

6/1/2017 6:00 AM
St. Peregrine please intercede and heal my cousin Dan who has been diagnosed with mouth and throat cancer. Pleas watch over him and protect him.

5/30/2017 2:00 PM
Please pray for the best outcome and complete healing, cancer free, for my daughter, Kate. She was diagnosed with breast cancer and has a 9 month old daughter,Stella, who needs her hugs. Dear Jesus, please protect my daughter and keep her safe.

5/29/2017 11:00 PM
For restoration of the Lord's blessings, miracles & healing for myself and my spouse and special intentions & protection at work.

5/29/2017 2:00 PM
 In the Name of Jesus, Emergency Prayers needed for my Godmother, Christine, that a Healing Priest gets in touch with the Chaplain at the hospital and their immediate family at home and visits her very soon and for a miraculous healing too.  She is on feeding tubes and can't walk. Please help me to hear word  that she was visited by the Healing Priest and received the Sacrament of the Sick and that her critical condition greatly improves very soon! 

5/29/2017 6:00 AM
For peace and religious unity in the world. To enlighten and guide all the leaders of our world, nation and community. For the Pope and all Catholics. For our family and near and dear ones. For our spiritual and temporal wants. For good health and long life. That we may go to Heaven when we die. For success in work and studies. For a happy married life for my daughter and for the good health of her son and parents. For the souls of our dear departed. Thanksgiving for favours received.

5/28/2017 8:00 PM
Glory and Praise to our most Holy Trinity Thank you all of Heaven for all Blessings received all ways and always A huge Thank You for the Healthy delivery of Evander at eight pounds Mother doing fine Thank You for all your prayers Please pray for all who have died in war and their families and all who will and help for all the wounded for God's will for Karl and family through Mary our Mother I offer all Holy Masses all Holy communions all Good and all Love offered all ways and always Yours in Christ through Mary with a smile

5/28/2017 5:00 PM
Marie Antonette
Please pray for my sister Mylene Virginia for miraculous healing from breast cancer stage 4. Please pray for her faith, hope, strength & courage to battle big C. May my sister be healed by our Lord Jesus Christ, physically, spiritually & emotionally that she would not loss hope and put all her trust to the Divine Mercy of God. Please pray also for my entire family that we can survive these great trials in our life, that God will give us Divine health, strength, protection & guidance. Give us peace of mind & spirit. Healing will be granted to my sister by God. In Jesus Christ Name. Amen. Mama Mary, Mother of God, pray for us. AMEN.Lord, please provide us for my sister's treatment & medication, we don't have enough money. Provide us everything we need, Lord Jesus. Amen.Please pray for my mother Lolita for Divine Health, Strength & Protection. She is 80 yrs. old. May the Almighty God continue to bless her with good health & blessed long life. Amen.

5/27/2017 8:00 AM
I ask your intercession for three friends with late-stage cancer. Each have young sons and daughters to care for, and have a slim chance for recovery. However, God can do all things and lives to pour out miracles on those who trust. Please pray for these people and their children.

5/27/2017 1:00 AM
R Family
I ask that you please add my father, Aristeo, to your prayer list. He has been battle a rare cancer for the last 2 years. We pray for a cure, for his recovery in these extremely difficult times. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your prayers.

5/26/2017 7:00 AM
For the healing of Calder W, may he find a perfect match for his bone marrow transplant.

5/26/2017 3:00 AM
Prayers are needed for Maura who was diagnosed with a cancerous tumor. She lost her baby and is undergoing chemotherapy. She and her husband have a baby who is not quite 3 yet. She is only in her 30s. Today when her husband came home from work, he found her unconscious and lying on the floor. Please pray for a miraculous recovery.