Prayer Petition

Would you like us to pray for your special intention? Tell us what it is and we would be honored to include it in our daily prayers. Just tell us your special intention(s) below. They will be included in the prayers and Masses of The Servants of Mary here and around the world.

If you want others to join in your prayers, indicate that your prayer can be posted on this page. Otherwise, we will keep your prayer among the Servite Fathers and Brothers only

12/17/2014 2:00 AM
I am asking for your benevolence in praying with me that my Stage IV breast cancer has gone in remission, I humbly beg your intercession to help me. Thanks.

12/16/2014 10:00 PM
Very good spiritual and physical health for the greater love of God and neighbor, yet not to be attached to it.

12/16/2014 10:00 PM
I request you to pray for my relationship with Francis. We have been together for 3 years and now he does not want to be with me anymore. I feel broken and shattered. I request you to pray to save my relationship and bring Francis back to me. Please pray that my relationship does not come to an end. Please intercede for my special request. Thank you very much.

12/16/2014 6:00 PM

Miraculous healing for Emma R. in her fight   May the lord have mercy on her and heal her physically, mentally and spiritually may we be blessed with a great group of knowledgeable doctors and facilities. Thank You for hearing our prayers. Amen.

12/16/2014 5:00 PM

For a great interview that leads to an immediate job.  

12/16/2014 5:00 PM
Please help me find a job that gives me and my family financial security and me the fulfillment of serving others. Thank You... 

12/16/2014 12:00 AM

My friend, Dennis, is dying of cancer and has been given 2 weeks to live.  He has a beautiful wife and 2 young children who he will leave behind.  I pray for a miracle. 

12/16/2014 12:00 AM

My friend, Dennis, is dying of cancer and has been given 2 weeks to live.  He has a beautiful wife and 2 young children who he will leave behind.  I pray for a miracle. 

12/15/2014 10:00 PM

Please pray for my wife Carla who has breast cancer. She had surgery and is now undergoing chemotherapy. Please pray that she will not be sick following chemotherapy. Thank you, God bless you. 

12/15/2014 10:00 AM
For healing from cancer for Jessica, a 30 year old mother of an 18 month old little girl. Jessica has been undergoing treatment for a very aggressive form of cancer since she was pregnant and has just learned that she has two new tumors - one in a lung and one on her spine.  With God all things are possible! Saint Peregrine, pray for us!   

12/15/2014 12:00 AM

For healing for little 3 year old Madison with brain cancer... expected to die soon. Also for Tony was is being operated on tomorrow for a cancerous tumor on his liver. He's a Dad with a wife and three children.Thank You.

12/15/2014 12:00 AM
Sgt S

To help GySgt C with his struggle against Cancer

12/14/2014 7:00 PM
Please offer a huge thank you for Lynn getting a better job and for the company and their employees. May all mankind have the Grace to make the Life Offering and unite their suffering with the suffering of our Lord Jesus Christ on the Cross through Mary our dear Mother. Thank you and may God bless you all ways and always!

12/14/2014 7:00 PM

I pray that my cancer went into remission, please intercede with this. 

12/14/2014 11:00 AM
please pray that my wife will be cured of pancreatic cancer 

12/13/2014 7:00 PM

Please pray for my health. Please St. Peregrine all the angels and saints pray for me and intercede for me before our Heavenly Father that I may be healed from this illness.  

12/13/2014 4:00 PM

I ask your prayers please for my sister, May, that our Blessed Lord and Blessed Mother will reach out and touch her and that the growths will recede. I also ask your prayers for all suffering this disease.  Grateful. 

12/13/2014 2:00 PM

Please pray with me this Advent season that I will do well enough in my studies to stay in the University, keep my job and remain where I am, and that God will open the door to a relationship and marriage. 

12/13/2014 11:00 AM

Please heal Patricia from cancer.Amen 

12/13/2014 7:00 AM
Please pray for my sister, Helen who is dying of leukemia, possibly today. Thank You..

12/13/2014 7:00 AM
Please pray for me and my family that We will open our hearts and fully surrender our lives to God!! And may We live to obey His commandments and live in His ways, according to His perfect Will. Amen

12/13/2014 6:00 AM
Please pray that my husband will be healed completely from the lung cancer he has been battling for seven years.Thank you.

12/12/2014 8:00 PM
For a job very soon, please!

12/12/2014 7:00 PM
Please continue to intercede on my behalf and ask God to continue leading me in a positive path during my illness. May he watch over me and my family and guide us through. Amen.

12/12/2014 11:00 AM
Please pray for my father, Wiktor, diagnosed with throat cancer, 30 years after beating sinus cancer. May he have the necessary strength to meet his mindset in the battle to come. Thank you.

12/11/2014 10:00 PM
Dear brothers and sisters, would you please help me pray for my mother María. Only God can take cancer (tumor in stomach) away from her. Doctors´last words are not God´s last words. We believe in the power of prayer. God bless you. I will be praying for you too from Guadalajara, México. 

12/11/2014 9:00 AM
Please pray for me. I have duodenal cancer and will under go a pet scan on the 17th of Dec. I hope & pray the cancer did not return. I have battled this cancer since last year with 2 major surgeries. God bless you. 

12/11/2014 9:00 AM
I have been cancer free for the past two years. I ask for your prayers that I will still be cancer free when I am tested again today. I am so sorry to learn of Fr. Rookery' passing. He was a wonderful priest. I say his healing prayer every day. Thank you.

12/11/2014 6:00 AM
Hello, could you please pray for Susannah that she renounces the occult, and for Lulu and her family that they will always be under the protection of God and be blessed. Also that the charities Lulu is involved in will be blessed. Thank you kindly :) God bless you.

12/11/2014 4:00 AM
Dear Lord, please help me to overcome fear to take my driving test. Please help me to pass, I beg you. Amen, 

12/10/2014 11:00 AM

Please pray for the healing of a close family friend that I have known since childhood.  He has had pancreatic cancer and lived through that.  However, the cancer may have moved elsewhere.  His name is John.  Please put him on your list of prayers.  Thank you. 

12/9/2014 10:00 PM

Please pray for David he needs prayers for his abdomen.. He is now cancer free but the surgery is causing some discomfort. We have 2 small children

12/9/2014 6:00 PM

My sister was diagnosed with Pancreatic cancer - please pray for her.My husband was diagnosed with lung cancer 10 years ago, has had a St. Peregrine holy card in his wallet for years and is doing well. Thank you for your prayers

12/9/2014 11:00 AM

Please pray for Jeanette who may have to undergo a heart  valve replacement. Let us  pray for a positive outcome.   

12/9/2014 2:00 AM

For peace in the world.  That all men and women may live as brothers and sisters in social peace and religious unity.  To enlighten and guide all the leaders of our world, nation and community.  For the Pope, bishops, priests, religious and for all the Catholics of the world.  For our family and near and dear ones.  For our spiritual and temporal wants.  For good health and long life.  That we may go to Heaven when we die.  For success in work and studies.

12/9/2014 12:00 AM

I pray that my cancer allows me to appreciate all the gifts that I have been given and that I find a way to give back to others while fighting this disease.  Please help me fight this cancer and grant my family peace and comfort while they struggle with my illness.  Ease our financial burdens, help my husband find employment with health benefits and a good salary and hours. Help my children stay safe, be successful and giving. Thank you. 

12/8/2014 8:00 PM
Please offer a huge Thank You to God for His Divine Mercy with the typhoon that hit the Philippines. Also please pray for those who are suffering from the Storm. Also a huge Thanksgiving for all Blessings given through our dear Blessed Mother.Please pray for Addie who is 6 and dying and for her father who just died. May all those who are suffering please be given the Grace to make the Life Offering and unite their suffering with our dear Lord Jesus Christ through Mary our Mother. Thank you and may God bless you

12/8/2014 5:00 PM

Please help Rosalinda to be healed from the tumor that Is wrapped around her brain. I ask this in your name and the name of the Lord.Amen

12/8/2014 4:00 PM

for healing over father kevin

on sickness

12/8/2014 4:00 PM
I ask our blessed mother all my intentions for the blood of Christ be over me and my family all instant of my and their life to removed all emotional, fisical and economical , anything that struggles or anything amen

12/8/2014 3:00 PM

Rita is a 24 year old with Pancreatic Cancer. Prayers for the Doctors that they receive the knowledge to give the care needed to fight this terrible disease.  Prayers for both Rita and her family, that they stay strong in their faith and have the courage to leave it in God's hands.

12/8/2014 12:00 AM

I pray my chemo has worked and my future test results are all good.  I also pray that my husband sister and BIL realize the hurt us an owe us an apology.  I pray with a full heart. 

12/7/2014 6:00 PM

for a young mother in a terrible car accident yesterday has skull fracture and she is on a ventilator.  Asking for a miracle. 

12/7/2014 10:00 AM

Please pray for the healing of my mom's cancer (recurred/aggressive/stage 4/from breast cancer to bone cancer). Give her strength. And Let her recover fast and live a longer, happier, healthier & more successful life. And please pray that I don't have cancer as well. Help me make her proud and let me have the means to help her in all her needs. Please pray for our family. Thank you!

12/7/2014 10:00 AM

Please pray for healing and good results for Patti. She will be undergoing surgery on Tuesday for possible ovarian cancer. We pray that she is free and clear of any cancer. 

12/6/2014 9:00 AM

Please pray with me this Advent season for light in determining the direction of my life, confirmation of vocation and the means of fulfilling that purpose; that I will do well enough in my studies to stay in the University, keep my job and remain where I am, and that God will provide clarity as to whether a friendship should develop into a relationship and marriage. 

12/6/2014 5:00 AM

Please help me. I am in very bad situation.My 6 years marriage is going to break.And we have 5 months old baby.My husband is very good person, but situation made him to take very bad decision.I am begging my saviour lord jesus to come to my life and full more love in my husband heart for me and for our baby.I am begging for speedy help, because situation going very worst everyday. He dint come to see us since two months. please help me 

12/5/2014 6:00 PM
Mary Lou

For June, Gracie  and Hazel. Thanksgiving and praise to our God. 

12/5/2014 1:00 PM
Please pray for Ann F. She has brain cancer, is 34 years old, and is pregnant. She gave up her cancer treatment to carry her baby to term.  Today at 5 P.M. they are going to do a C section to deliver the baby premature (7 months) and the mother, Ann is rapidly failing and is in intensive care.  She made the choice early in her pregnancy to give her life up for the child.  Please pray that the baby lives and she recovers

12/5/2014 1:00 PM
For Joy, who took her life due to depression and for her family, including her husband, Dustin, and their children. Thank you for helping this family in crisis. Also, Jeff in Indiana, fighting for his life; Kim, who died, and Lindsay & baby; mom needs open heart surgery and is pregnant