Prayer Petitions

Would you like us to pray for your special intention? Tell us what it is and we would be honored to include it in our daily prayers. Just tell us your special intention(s) below. They will be included in the prayers and Masses of The Servants of Mary here and around the world.

If you want others to join in your prayers, indicate that your prayer can be posted on this page. Otherwise, we will keep your prayer among the Servite Fathers and Brothers only

3/22/2015 10:00 PM

For Karen who is suffering with breast cancer.

3/6/2015 3:00 AM
Please pray for me I am suffering now from breast cancer stage 2. I also pray for my kids and husband have good health always, That God always protect us from harm. This we ask through Christ our lord. Amen.

3/5/2015 7:00 PM
For 33 yr. old Aaron and his wife Becca.  Aaron is battling throat cancer and has been for 2 years. Doctors are not hopeful with outlook as Aaron has gone through chemo and radiation several times (surgery is not an option). Cancer has returned and is aggressive. Doctors will do another round of chemo and radiation. Thank you for your prayers.

3/4/2015 11:00 PM
That my cancer be eradicated through the prayer and intersession of the faithful and that my doctors hands be the instruments of God to do so.

3/4/2015 8:00 PM
Please pray for my husband that he be blessed with a new job. Please pray that he hear from one of the companies that he has submitted resumes to and that he be freed of his controlling and cruel boss that he currently works for. Please pray for my sister that she be healed of her rheumatoid pain and please pray that the cyst on her ovaries get smaller and that her pain and nausea goes away and that she be Blessed with health and very good results at her doctor's appointment Friday. Thank you for all your prayers. May God Bless us all! 

3/4/2015 7:00 PM
Bill has a serious health problem, please pray for him. Thank you.

3/4/2015 10:00 AM
St. Peregrine, please hear my prayers for my recovering from cancer.

3/4/2015 8:00 AM
Pray for my husband to move back home. Let his job transfer him so he can leave her. Pray that she lets him go so he can come back to his wife, 2 kids, and his Catholic faith. Pray my son gets off drugs and hears Gods plan for him. Pray the evil one doesn't get another soul, that the evil one doesn't get another marriage. In Jesus' name amen

3/4/2015 3:00 AM
For peace in the world. That all men and women may live as brothers and sisters in social peace and religious unity. To enlighten and guide all the leaders of our world, nation and community. For the Pope, bishops, priests, religious and for all the Catholics of the world. For our family and near and dear ones.For our spiritual and temporal wants. For good health and long life. That we may go to Heaven when we die. For success in work and studies. For a happy marriage for my daughter and for a happy married life and a transfer to Bangalore office.

3/3/2015 11:00 PM

I humbly ask that you offer prayers for the health of my dear Mother, Cynthia, who is suffering from lung cancer. Thank you so very very much.

3/3/2015 10:00 PM
For my friend Austin, who was diagnosed with Classical Hodgkins Lymphoma just days after his college graduation. He is now struggling to go through chemotherapy, and while he's a tough fighter, he's always been a kid who's out and about and chasing the next adventure. Please pray that he is granted courage as he struggles through this tough time, and that one day soon he can be healed and cancer-free and back to the old Austin that we all know so well. St. Peregrine, pray for him and his family as they face this challenge, and help them to trust in Christ's loving plan.

3/3/2015 7:00 AM

Please pray for Joseph who is suffering from a cancerous growth on his adrenal gland and having a hard time expelling his kidney stones.  He is scheduled for an operation on the 2nd week of April, 2015.  Please Lord, eliminate this cancerous growth and never return. I thank you for taking care of Joseph's health.

Please Lord, let Dynamic HomeCare be successful so we could take care of elderly and sick patients. Thank you for letting come to fruition. 

3/3/2015 7:00 AM
Glory, Honor, Praise and Thanksgiving to our most Holy Trinity! Please pray for Israel, our country, Iran, and all involved and all in danger. also Syria ,Nigeria, Russia, Ukraine, Korea, China, and for the whole world, May God bless us and save us through Mary our Holy Mother! Thank you and may God bless you.

3/2/2015 11:00 PM

Please I am requesting a prayer to St.Peregrine to heal me of my prostate cancer. I was informed of this by my Urologist. I would be eternally grateful for your prayers. 

3/2/2015 6:00 PM

For my Mom, Marilyn who has been diagnosed with lung cancer and lesions on the brain. Pray that she can over come this and win this battle. Give her the strength she needs to beat this. 

3/2/2015 3:00 AM
Pray for Indra

3/1/2015 11:00 PM

My husband and I both suffer from health problems and family stress.  His family continues to hurt us not giving any thought to their actions and how they affect us.  I pray for health improvements for us and family relations to improve. I have devout faith. 

3/1/2015 10:00 PM
Cure my sister of her horrible cancer

3/1/2015 10:00 PM

Please pray for my Dad, Joe, who was just diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. He is having surgery 3/3. Please pray his surgery is successful, he can have a good recovery and be cancer free. Thank you.  

3/1/2015 1:00 PM

Please pray for Joseph, that his cancer will be healed miraculously trough your intercession. Thank you. 

3/1/2015 10:00 AM

for a full time job for michele. for physical and emotional healings for marilyn, barbara, christina and michele. and for many blessings within our family. 

3/1/2015 9:00 AM

Please pray for my health issues to be resolved so I can be strong for my children, husband and my parents whom I take care of.  Please pray for peace and healing in my extended family. Also, prayers for a new addition to my family this year, my husband and I are loving parents and want to add to our family. All things are possible in Jesus' name! Thank you for your prayers, God bless all of us! 

2/28/2015 10:00 PM

I'm asking to pray for a lady name Penny, she has stage 4 cancer. I don't known her but one of the lady I known at the school, asked me to pray I did and I will. 

2/28/2015 10:00 PM

O Holy Saint, I humbly request you and everyone to pray for my Dad so that he can be cured from the liver cancer he is suffering....though there is no medication for this illness, I blindly trust only Lord Jesus's medication, his touch, his one look at my Dad can cure him completely..Iam on my kees oh Lord, pleading to save my dad from this illness and cure him completely..O Lord, you have always guided protected us ...& now I again seek your heeling hand..Help us o Lord and answer our prayer..Oh Holy Saint Peregrine plz pray for us... 

2/28/2015 8:00 PM
Glory and praise to the most Holy Trinity! Thank you for all Blessings received all ways and always! Please pray for Isabella and her family with genetic disease called Lynch syndrome and her two brothers have already died and all who have it and for the doctors and medical staff to find a cure. Please pray for Peace in the world and in reparation for all the evil in the world. and for the grace to fast and pray from the Heart. Thank you and may God bless you

2/28/2015 10:00 AM

Please pray for a miraculous healing of the breast cancer that my daughter is suffering from and that her hair will not fall out with the chemo treatments that she has started recently. She has a teenage autistic son who needs her badly, and we are having a difficult time with him as he worships his mother and refuses to leave her side even to attend school. As her mother I am devastated beyond words and cannot stop crying. My daughter, Lisa, says she does not think prayers are working but I continue to do so and search for others that will also pray for her. Please, please come to my aid. Thank you and God Bless

2/28/2015 7:00 AM
Please prayer for my mother, Generosa, who is diagnosed with breast cancer.

2/27/2015 9:00 PM

For my Aunt Judy who is suffering from a rare form of terminal leukemia. 

2/27/2015 10:00 AM
Ashleigh undergoing surgery today at 1pm - fighting inflammatory breast cancer. Miracles await!

2/27/2015 8:00 AM

I request that my father Ronald be included in the petitions.  Thank you so much for your prayers.

2/26/2015 8:00 PM
Please pray for Amy, that her breast cancer will be miraculously healed through your intercession. Thank you so much.

2/26/2015 6:00 PM
For a cure for my husband's cancer

2/26/2015 1:00 PM
A prayer for Gianpietro and Raffaella for a safe trip to Vietnam. Thanks. God Bless you. 

2/26/2015 10:00 AM

Safe travel. For vocations. Conversion of family members. For deceased family members. A holy death. To end abortion. World peace. A holy clergy. For successful missionary work. In atonement for my sins. Grace to resist temptations. 

2/25/2015 11:00 PM

For my tonsil cancer, please pray for me so a miracle occurs. Thank you so much. 

2/25/2015 10:00 PM

Please grant good results on CT scan Friday, 2-27-15

2/25/2015 8:00 PM

For Julie with breast cancer

2/25/2015 8:00 PM

For Aleisha, possible lymphoma

2/25/2015 12:00 PM

For peace in the world.  That all men and women may live as brothers and sisters in social peace and religious unity.  To enlighten and guide all the leaders of our world, nation and community.  For the Pope, bishops, priests, religious and for all the Catholics of the world.  For our family and near and dear ones.  For our spiritual and temporal wants.  For good health and long life.  That we may go to Heaven when we die.  For success in work and studies.  For a happy marriage for my daughter and for a happy married life and transfer to Bangalore office.

2/25/2015 9:00 AM

Please pray for Juan in Naples, FL battling Stage 4 cancer.  Please pray for his complete healing - he is loved by many and is the provider for his elderly parents.  God Bless.     

2/25/2015 9:00 AM
Baby Luca in Ireland, suffering from brain tumour!

2/24/2015 9:00 PM

For KB and her needs 

2/24/2015 7:00 PM

Please pray for Linda - a champion of gentle parenting and Christ-like love for children everywhere.  She is battling an aggressive and rare form of cancer.  She cannot take most pain meds, but is still showing Christ's grace and love to all she meets.  Mother of six children (4 at home) and loving wife.  Please pray for continued strength and physical healing from this cancer. 

2/24/2015 3:00 PM
Pray for my husband Joe a 8 1/2 year Cancer Survivor that is in a battle for his life again.

2/24/2015 12:00 PM
Please pray for me. I have been told I have stage 3 A breast cancer. I have already had the mastectomy and 25 lymph nodes removed. I have undergone chemotherapy, but could only tolerate 75% of the treatment. I got severe neuropathy and nerve pain in my feet and hands from the chemo. I had the full treatment of radiation. Please pray that the nerve pain in my feet and hands and leg muscle pain goes away. Please pray that all cancer cells were killed in my body and that it does not metastasize in any other part of my body. Please pray that I am completely healed of all cancers and that I have a full and complete recovery. Please pray that my breast reconstruction goes successfully. Please pray that I get my strength back and can survive all of this. Thank you and God bless.

2/24/2015 12:00 PM
Pray for my dear Lisa. Pray for NO re-occurrence of her cancer and a successful checkup this coming Tuesday, March 3rd.

2/24/2015 9:00 AM
St. Peregrine, please heal my father Maximino who's suffering from stage 4 lung cancer. please let him live his life to the fullest. I haven't return anything from my father and as his daughter, I want to serve him more. so many sacrifices were done by my father for his children. BH your mighty intercession, I'm begging for his fast recovery and be free from cancer like you. I ask this through Christ our lord,amen.

2/23/2015 11:00 AM
Requesting the intercession of St. Peregrine for the healing of my ovarian cancer. Thanking God in advance. Also requesting physical healings for other family members.

2/23/2015 10:00 AM
Please pray for my precious friend, Judy who has breast cancer and going thru surgery on March 3rd in Alabama.

2/23/2015 2:00 AM
Daily I come to you with my heart's intentions and I have faith that you will intercede on my behalf. May I ask that you intercede in giving my husband's family the realization that the pain they have caused us has only added to our health issues. I pray for family harmony and respect for me and I ask that you help with my health issues. I have devout faith.